Anthony Francisco

(Concept Artist/Illustrator - Spider-Man; Superman Returns; The Passion of the Christ; The Chronicles of Riddick; Species III; AVP: Alien vs. Predator; Men in Black II; A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Artist - Magic: The Gathering)

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Anthony Francisco


ANTHONY FRANCISCO is a concept artist / Illustrator based in Burbank,CA. He has worked on various films and game projects in different stages of production. Working for effects houses like Stan Winston Studios, Rick Baker, ADI, Harlow FX, Steve Johnson, and Captive Audience, gave Anthony the opportunity to work on movies like Superman Returns, A.I., Men in Black 2, Spiderman, Alien VS Predator, Species 3, The Passion of the Christ,and Chronicles of Riddick to name a few. From 2004-2006 he worked as a concept artist at NCsoft Santa Monica on the Guild Wars and Tabula Rasa MMO titles. Following his time at NCsoft, Anthony joined the team at Offset Software as lead concept artist to work on a fantasy based FPS game until 2010. Anthony also does illustration work for Magic: The Gathering and teaches character/creature design at the Concept Design Academy and CGMW online. To check out his work go to