Angel Unzueta

(Artist - Titans; DC Comics Presents; The Flash; Green Lantern; Legion of Super-Heroes; X-Force; Wolverine)

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Angel Unzueta


Angel Unzueta began his comic career in Spain, where he published a high successful miniseries entitled Neck & Cold.

Soon after, he began to work for the American Comic Book market, debuting with the Wonder Woman Tangent special (1998). This year he also draw an issue of Wolverine along with Stephen Platt and pin ups for Legends of the DC Universe.

In 1999, Angel published several fill in issues (Impulse, Young Justice, Young Justice One Million, X Force), proving his ability to draw a monthly issue and growing as an artist on each work.

Next year, angel was hired to draw the first story arc written by Geoff Johns in Flash. Wonderland, an acclaimed saga that has been reedited first in paperback and later on the Omnibus format is considered by fans and critics as one of the best stories of the character and established Johns as a fan favourite.

In 2001, Angel drew the last two issues of Legion of Superheroes and a Flash annual, a necessary decrease on his workload due to his duties as CEO of a Spanish Marketing and Desing Company. Finally, being forced to choose among comic books and his own company, he left comic books for a while.

In 2007, Angel began a slow comeback to comic books, collaborating on four issues of Green Lantern Corps and drawing a couple of issues of Countdown: The Search of Ray Palmer.

This led him to be the regular artist on Titans (DC comics, 2009-2010) for more than a year. During this time, several writers were proved on the title, which gave the title some kind of instability.

After so many changes, Angel felt that he needed to have a break on his monthly schedule and pursue creator owned projects where he could show the real potential of his art.

In 2012 Angel Unzueta published the first volume of Reliques, an adventure series of Graphic Novels set on The Crusades and published by Glenat, one of the biggest editing houses of the French market. On this series, written by former comics journalist Koldo Azpitarte, Angel draws, inks and colours his own work, showing a lavishly and detailed artwork that has gained praise and admiration wherever it has been published.

Now Angel Unzueta has finished the second part of Reliques and is working on a new project for the French market along with a long awaited return to American comic books.