Andy Mangels

(Author - Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation)

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Andy Mangels


Andy Mangels is the USA Today best-selling author and co-author of over twenty fiction and nonfiction books including Star Trek, Roswell, and Star Wars novels and is an award-winning comic book anthology editor. As a pop culture journalist, he has also contributed to national and international magazines and newspapers, and as an award-winning special features producer and documentary director/writer, he has scripted, directed, and produced over forty DVD documentaries and Special Features projects. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Inkpot Award for Achievement in the Comic Arts at Comic-Con International. His newest book, available at WizardWorld at his table, is the critically-acclaimed Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation, from TwoMorrows.

Andy has written licensed material based on properties by Lucasfilm, Paramount, New Line Cinema, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Microsoft, Abrams-Gentile, and Platinum Studios. He is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.

Over the last two decades, Andy's comic-book work has been seen from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Wildstorm, Image, Innovation, WaRP Graphics, Topps, MVCreations, Arcana, and others, and he was the editor of the award-winning Gay Comics anthology for eight years.

He has written hundreds of articles for entertainment and lifestyle magazines and newspapers in the United States, England, and Italy. He reviews movies and DVDs regularly for Sci-Fi Bulletin. As an actor and singer, he has appeared in stage productions in Montana and Oregon, and had roles in films and television series such as Leverage and Grimm, and in a national commercial for Brooks running shoes.

Andy's work in the DVD field has won several awards, and garnered him praise as a "legendary DVD producer." He has worked for Time Life, BCI Eclipse, and Genius Products, producing, scripting and directing documentaries, hosting commentary tracks, and creating other Special Features content. DVD sets he's produced include: The Real Ghostbusters, Dungeons & Dragons, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra: Princess of Power, The Archies, Flash Gordon, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Groovie Goolies, Ark II, Journey Back to Oz, The Secrets of Isis, Jason of Star Command, and Defenders of the Earth, among a large number of other DVD titles! He has also appeared as an expert on several documentaries for Warner, and aided with Special Features for Paramount, Anchor Bay, and others.

Andy is a national award-winning social activist in the Gay community, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities over the years. He produces the yearly Women of Wonder Day event every October, at which over $135,000 for Domestic Violence programs in three states has been raised! He is also a Board Member of the non-profit organization PRISM Comics.

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