Andrew Pepoy

(Inker/Penciler - Batman; Star Wars; X-Men; Spider-Man; Green Lantern; Iron Man; Superman)
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Born in 1969, to the dismay of many. After abandoning such worthless pursuits as becoming the President or an accountant, at age 10 I decided to draw comics. Soon after, I met “Buck Rogers” artist, Rick Yager. Seeing that there were real cartoonists out there, my parents began to worry.

After many years of publishing fanzines, and while still attending Loyola University Chicago, I sold my first professional work and was soon working for Marvel, DC, and other major comic book publishers on such characters as Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, The X-Men, Fables, Scooby Doo, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Simpsons, Betty & Veronica, Godzilla, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Wallace & Gromit, and many more. Recently I also began working in the European market.

Starting in 1995 I also wrote and drew my own comic book feature, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax, which was re-launched online in 2007 at and recently collected in print from IDW Publishing.

In 2000, I was asked to redesign the Little Orphan Annie newspaper strip, which I drew for the next year. In 2005 I wrote and drew a revamp and revival of Katy Keene for Archie Comics, which was collected in the paperback, Katy Keene: Model Behavior.

Having been nominated several times, in 2009 I won the comic book industry’s highest award, the Eisner Award. I’ve also been nominated for multiple Hugo Awards and the Inkwell Award.

Current Projects: A five-year run inking the Eisner-award nominated series, Jack of Fables, for DC/Vertigo Comics, as well as inking many comics of The Simpsons and Futurama for Bongo Comics, the “Archie Loves Betty” half of Life With Archie Magazine for Archie Comics, and 2 recently-published graphic novels, Lanfeust Odyssey book 1 and Alunys, for the French Publisher, Soliel. Returning to writing and drawing new Katy Keene comics for Archie Comics and developing new plans for my own Simone & Ajax.

Influences: Roy Crane, Dan DeCarlo, Russell Keaton, Bob Lubbers, Matt Baker, Alex Raymond, Charles Schulz, Mark Schultz, Steve Ditko, Enoch Bolles, George Herriman, Henk Kuijpers, Francois Walthery, Wally Wood, Bob Oksner, Don Flowers, Herge’, Jamie Hewlett, and so many more.

Other interests: New Wave and punk music, 1920’s-1950’s swing and jazz, old radio and TV shows and movies, pulps, and hoping to go outside. Currently living in a condo with a turret on the north side of Chicago with my wife Chris Atkinson, and our odd cat and dog.