Andrew Mangum
(Illustrator/Inker - Superboy; Star-Spangled War Stories; The Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide; Neverland; Grimm Fairy Tales; Frank Frazetta’s Sorcerer)
Andrew MangumAndrew Mangum began his career at digital webbing as an inker in 2001.

By 2006, he was fully illustrating for Zenescope entertainment.

Andrew’s known primarily for his dark and hyper-detailed art style, as well as his versatility as both an inker and an illustrator. Andrew has worked on many titles for today’s top publishers including DC comics and Image comics, and some top indy publishers like Zenescope entertainment, Lead-Pipe Entertainment, and Arcana Comics, just to name a few. Andrew has also done several illustrations for not only the comic book medium but album covers and storyboards as well.

Currently, Andrew is a freelance inker for DC comics, and illustrating a few co-creator owned projects in his spare time, one with Christian Beranek (Dracula vs. King Arthur) and their project blood and bones, and the other with Mark Kidwell (68 and Bump) and their project wilder.

Andrew resides in Texas with his wife, two children, and their pug.
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