Ananth Panagariya
(Writer - Johnny Wander; Applegeeks)
Ananth PanagariyaAnanth Panagariya is a writer, designer and reader who has written and produced work for Oni Press and Dark Horse, Inc, and has also freelanced for First Second. He also publishes comics online at JOHNNYWANDER.COM and APPLEGEEKS.COM. He spent 2008 designing and branding Snapture, an iPhone app that was featured in WIRED, Engadget, and the Wall Street Journal. After that he turned his attention to comics and t-shirt design, both passions of his. Ananth is usually putting pencil to paper, analog or otherwise.

If you ask him about the Weapon X program, he’ll tell you it wasn’t as bad as everyone says. There was a lot of down time, during which the Weapon X subjects engaged in rap battles and slam poetry.
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