Amy Pronovost

(Sketch Card Artist - Star Wars Revenge of the Sith; Star Wars Galaxy 4, 5 & 6; Star Wars Galactic Files; LoTR Masterpieces 1 & 2; LoTR Evolution; Indiana Jones; Doctor Who; Heroes; Batman: The Legend)

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Amy Pronovost


Hailing from the wilds of Northern Ontario, Amy is an artist most known for her sketch card work and her ability to make just about anything cute. Her first pro work was a gig with Star Wars Kids Magazine and it opened the door to projects including How To Draw tutorials for and Star Wars Insider; and all of her sketch card work. Her most recent sketch card work is Batman: The Legend, breaking her into a new genre.

When not working on sketch cards, Amy is working on original art including her storybook How Harold Got His Wings and various adorable critters with dragon wings.