Amy Dumas (f.k.a. WWE Diva Lita)

(Wrestler - Former 4-Time WWE Women's Champion)
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Amy Dumas (f.k.a. WWE Diva Lita)


Amy Dumas, or Lita, as she is better known in the world of professional wrestling, was born in Florida. After attending Georgia State University, Dumas spent several years as a roadie for the band 7 Seconds before embarking on her career as a wrestler. Inspired by an appearance by Mexican luchador Rey Mysterio, Jr. on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Amy Dumas traveled to Mexico to train to become a wrestler herself. During her time in Mexico, Dumas appeared in several matches in the Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre league and trained with such future wrestling stars as Yoshihiro Tajiri, Val Venis, Essa Rios, Super Crazy, and Chris Jericho.

Upon returning to America, Amy Dumas worked for the MCW league (under the name Angelica) until she was signed by the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) league to appear as Miss Congeniality. Noted wrestler Dory Funk, Jr. invited Dumas to attend his wrestling school, the Funkin Conservatory, and, after Amy's graduation, Funk submitted an audition tape on Amy's behalf to the World Wresting Federation (WWF). In 1999, Dumas moved from the ECW to the WWF, where she was given the name Lita and partnered with Essa Rios. Her in-the-ring relationship with Rios soon soured, and Lita joined with the Hardy Boyz to form Team Xtreme. As a member of Team Xtreme, Lita was involved in a number of high-profile wrestling feuds and defeated Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley to gain the WWE Women's Championship in 2000. In 2002 Lita broke her back while filming a stunt for the Jessica Alba TV series Dark Angel, which briefly sidetracked her wrestling career. Spending her recovery period as a wrestling commentator, Lita eventually returned to the ring, winning the WWE's women's championship again in 2004. After losing to Mickie James in the 2006 'survivor Series, Lita announced her retirement from wrestling. She has since formed a new rock band named the Luchagors.