Amanda Rachels

(Cover Artist Grayhaven Comics The Gathering, Artist/Co-Creator - Clown Town; The Blind Eye; short comics published in Reading With Pictures Vol. 1; Grayhaven Comics The Gathering, Artist - Indie Comics Magazine)

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Amanda Rachels


Amanda Rachels is a comic artist bringing to Wizard World a selection of original art pieces and prints featuring a variety of genre and comics characters. She is available for commissioned work throughout the weekend and via email ( as well!

Based in Magnolia Springs, Alabama, Amanda is a busy, full-time comic artist and (sometimes) colorist of independent comics, including the upcoming Arcana Studios horror graphic novel, The Book (with writers Erik Hendrix & Michael Nelsen), and Clown Town (with writer Kevin LaPorte), a unique twist on the prevailing fear of clowns that re-imagines the horror icons as avenging spirits for abused children! She also provided full art for The Blind Eye, a horror story of masked vigilantes protecting a hurricane-flooded city invaded by dark forces both human and supernatural. ALL of these comics will be available for sale at the convention!

Amanda is currently hard at work drawing Flesh of White, a story of dark magic and albinism in tribal Africa (with writer Erica J. Heflin) and an adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus (adapted for comics by writer Kevin LaPorte)! Preview art for each of these exciting projects will be on display at Wizard World NOLA!

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