Ally Mikel
(Project Hysteria)
Ally MikelHave you ever found yourself looking for the perfect T-shirt with your favorite series characters? Or maybe you just canít find a plush version of the characters you love? Well look no further, we can fix that! At Project Hysteria our Artist Ally makes custom T-shirts, hand painting any and all characters how you please! However we do ask the customers to keep it all ages appropriate, or to order privately through our Etsy. And while Ally is painting away I, Megan, make and sell chibi plushies of all varaities. I offer custom order plushies for those seeking special characters not often found by the dealers! Worried about receiving your order in time? Well donít worry! We deliver all custom orders to the buyers by the end of the convention, and if we fail to finish on time we offer free shipping for the inconvenience.

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