Allison Mack

(Actress - Smallville; Superman/Batman: Public Enemies; The Ant Bully)
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Allison Mack


Allison Mack began her career at age 4 when her mother made an executive decision that she had the personality to be on TV.

Little did her mom know that she was introducing Allison into what would soon be her greatest passion in life. What ensued after this introduction has been 23 years of imagination, creativity, introspection and evolution. Allison has filled her life with characters of all shapes and sizes. From her stage performances in shows such as Chicago, Rent, and Hair to films with actors such as Sissy Spacek, Estelle Parsons, Christopher Lloyd and Aiden Quinn along with the role she is most well-known for (Chloe Sulliven on the CW's 'smallville). Allison's love for what she does grows exponentially over time. In the fall of 2008 she was given the great honor of directing episode 13 of Smallville's season 8 (Power). This propelled her into a whole new arena of appreciation for the art of film making and was a great impetus for her decision to open a production company, Parvati Creative Inc., alongside two women she admires greatly, Kristin Kreuk and Rose Bhura. Together, the team is focused on making human-centric films as seen through a female lens.

Allison recognizes the great responsibility in being a public icon and has enormous respect and honor for the implications of such an honor. She seeks to utilize her craft as a vehicle for positive influence and change in the world. It is her intention to invoke and inspire dialogue and thought to encourage her audiences to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, and as an effect building a more compassionate and joyful world through the arts. Allison's insatiable appetite for understanding human dynamics and behavior is an infinite source of insight and excitement. She will be eternally grateful to every person in the world for their individual contribution to this enigmatic and beautifully complex life, it is the fire she uses to propel herself forward with her trademark enthusiasm and fervor.