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AllieCat Cosplay


AllieCat Cosplay has been a source of inspiration for many cosplayers all over the South East. With only 3 years of cosplay experience and 2 years of sewing experience she has crafted 13 costumes from all genres of Nerdom. Video Games, Sci-Fi, Anime you name it. Multi award winning cosplayer, she has even hosted costume contests and has more lined up in the years coming. Contracted by the D20 Girls of GA she sets out to promote a good name for the Nerdy girl to prove that there is no need for the artificial Booth babe. A recent college graduate with a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) she sets out to implement all disciplines of art into every creation. This application of experience, studies and pure love of the act of costuming has brought her to the forefront in the field in which she exists as a cosplay entity.