Allen Adams III
(Artist – Fusion, Artist/Writer/Creator - Demon Seed, Writer/Creator - Paradise Lost)
Allen Adams IIIAllen, former military man, dedicated Steelers fan, and prolific artist, has created a pantheon of characters and stories, such as “Season of Storms,” and “Alpha American.” With a “see everything, know nothing” attitude and music as a muse, he cannot help but to give his artistic side the lead in his life. Allen is presently working on the art for “Midnight Storm,” collaborating on “Gods of Thunder” with Damon Jackson and the art of “Fusion” starting with issue #3.
Fusion – Artist; Alpha American – Creator/Writer/Artist;
Suicide Jacks – Creator/Writer/Artist
Season of Storms – Creator/Writer/Artist
Gods of Thunder – Co-Creator/Co-Writer/Co-Artist

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