Ali Morgainne (Hoshikko)


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Ali Morgainne was born in Houston, Texas March 3rd 1995. Morgainne had the opportunity to live in Italy around the age of 5 for four years. It was living in Italy where Morgainne's passion for art began.

At the age of 14 she began selling her artwork at Anime and Comic Book conventions. In 2010 she began her own art company, Hoshikko Ink. By the end of her High School years she had accomplished all forms of art and completed all three of her art AP portfolios which include 2-D, 3-D, and Drawing.

Japanese Anime inspired her desire to create. She has since developed a talent in all art mediums including acrylic, pastels, water colors, oil paints, and sculpture.

Morgainne is currently developing several original stories like her current project: Console Wars.

Morgainne is a freshman at Texas State where she will Major in Communication Design. Her greatest desire is to one day own a company that can be a showcase for independent artists to develop and support their talents!

Everything she earns from Hoshikko Ink goes to her college fund. So please support her on as an artist!

FB: Hoshikko Ink

YouTube: Hoshikko Ink