Alfonso Ribeiro

(Actor - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Silver Spoons; Extreme Ghostbusters; Love Wrecked Love Wrecked)

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Alfonso Ribeiro


Alfonso is truly multi-talented. His interests and loves vary from acting, where he made his first big impression on Broadway, to his active career today as a television director. He is currently the host of Spell-Mageddon on ABC Family, a game show that puts its contestants through fun torture while spelling against the clock!! Prior to this, he hosted, Catch 21, a game show on the Game Show Network.

Alfonso has directed multiple episodes of Shake It Up, Are We There Yet, The Wannabes, Meet The Browns, Cuts, Eve, One on One and ten episodes of All of Us. Ribeiro also starred in the Broadway Production of Golden Boy playing the role of Joe originated by Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. The NY Times said Mr. Ribeiro brings such a sterling unadorned conviction to his role. The Associated Press said, Ribeiro, in particular, is a revelation.

He began his professional acting career at the age of eight. One of his first appearances was in the television series Oye Willie, a PBS children's program depicting Hispanic kids growing up in the barrios of New York City. A natural singer and dancer, he and his aunt choreographed an audition piece, which earned him ranks on the Great White Way in the Tony Award winning musical The Tap Dance Kid. After landing the starring role in this Broadway musical, he was quickly dubbed The Kid and signed with Island Records, releasing several dance/pop singles for the label. He became an overnight sensation, enamoring the likes of Director Bob Geraldi, Choreographer Michael Peters and The King of Pop Michael Jackson (who enlisted Alfonso in the infamous Pepsi commercial). Shortly thereafter, Brandon Tartikoff spotted Alfonso and flew him to Los Angeles where he was cast opposite Ricky Schroder in the long-running NBC television sitcom Silver Spoons, making him an instant teen idol.

After taking time to attend Cal State University, Los Angeles where he earned a Theater Arts education, Alfonso was given the opportunity to choose a role on the established sitcom A Different World or a new pilot The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He chose the latter and created the memorable character of Carlton Banks opposite his friend, Will Smith. Following six years on the popular series Fresh Prince, he was then approached by Quincy Jones to appear with L.L.Cool J in the NBC/UPN series In the House. Both can still be seen in syndication.

Having grown up in front of the camera and before television audiences, Alfonso quickly realized the growing opportunities that existed behind the scenes. He directed several episodes of In the House, and during hiatus from the show, he attended the New York Film Academy to further strengthen and hone his directing talents. Alfonso hosted the popular syndicated show Your Big Break for Dick Clark Productions, where contestants compete for prizes by imitating their favorite musical performers. Alfonso has definitely proven that there is longevity in his career. His versatility as an actor, singer, dancer and director illustrate his many loves and talents. As a voice-over artist, Alfonso has created memorable characters on such shows as Spider-Man and Extreme Ghostbusters.

During his leisure time he golfs on the celebrity players tour and is proud of his 2 handicap. He is a professional car racer and has received countless trophies and medals from numerous worldwide competitions. He currently resides in Southern California, and is a native of the Bronx, New York.