Alexander M. Freed
(Writer - Star Wars: The Old Republic; Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrantís Fist; Dragon Age: Until We Sleep)
Alexander M. FreedSince 2002, Alexander M. Freed has worked as a writer and editor in the fields of video games, comic books, and prose fiction, contributing to dozens of works ranging from mass market games of record-setting scope to critically acclaimed small press anthologies.

He spent six years at video game maker BioWare, where he wrote primarily for Star Wars: The Old Republic. His comic credits include several series from Dark Horse Comics including Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrantís Fist and Dragon Age: Until We Sleep. His original prose fiction has appeared in Interzone magazine and anthologies such as The Book of More Flesh, while his franchise fiction has been published in Star Wars Insider. More information can be found at
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