Alaina Huffman

(Actress - Smallville; SGU Stargate Universe; Painkiller Jane; Night Dawn Day)

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Alaina Huffman


Alaina Huffman is a Canadian film and television actress, also known professionally as Alaina Kalanj (her birth name).

She may be best-known for her role on the Canadian television series Painkiller Jane, in which she played Maureen Bowers. Most recently she played Dinah Lance/Black Canary on Smallville. She is now a regular cast member in the TV series Stargate Universe.

Huffman was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Alaina Kalanj. She also lived just outside Ottawa, Ontario in Stittsville, where she went to Goulbourn Middle School. At the age of 13, Huffman went to her first audition for a Fox Family Channel pilot. Despite the competition, she was offered the main role. However, a model scout recruited Huffman and she was set to model in high fashion runways in Europe and Japan for the following years.

When her parents moved to Dallas she saw the opportunity to live in the United States and enroll in college, leaving modeling behind. While in school, she took on acting roles in a series of independent films. Eventually she moved to Los Angeles where she added more television credits to her resume.

Alaina has three children with her husband John Huffman: a son, Elijah, and two daughters Hanna and Charley-Jane. Charley-Jane was born December 8th, 2009. The latter pregnancy coincided with the first season of Stargate Universe, and was written into the plot.