AJ Lee, WWE Diva & Sheamus, WWE Superstar, Coming to Ohio Comic Con!

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AJ Lee, WWE Diva & Sheamus, WWE Superstar, Coming to Ohio Comic Con!


Come get a Black Widow & a Brogue Kick @ Wizard World Ohio!

AJ Lee's Saturday Schedule
11:00AM - 11:45AM Photo Ops VIP's First then General Admission
12:00PM - 1:00PM Autographs VIP's First then General Admission
1:15PM - 2:00PM AJ Lee & Sheamus Panel in Room TBD

Is AJ Lee the figment of some Manga-geek's adolescent imagination She's an avid video gamer, regularly thumbs through comic books and wears the scuffs on her Chuck Taylors with pride. But dont be fooled. This unpredictable young woman is not as innocent as she looks.

Although she stands a petite, 5-foot-2, AJ is a fierce competitor with an energetic, high-flying style that poses a threat to any Diva. This bold New Jersey native first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on the third season of WWE NXT. She finished in third place, but won many WWE fans with her lucha-inspired moveset and indomitable fighting spirit.

A year after debuting on SmackDown in May 2011, AJ was pivotal in the 18-second outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania XXVIII with a kiss to her beau, Daniel Bryan. The couple's subsequent breakup sent AJ into an emotional tailspin, and went on to become romantically entangled with WWE's top Superstars, including CM Punk, Kane and even John Cena.

Following a brief and controversial stint as Raw's General Manager a tenure marred by controversy due to her increasingly erratic behavior AJ found herself in the arms of the brash Dolph Ziggler. Coincidentally enough, it was in the femme fatale's home state that The Showoff cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Alberto Del Rio to become the World Heavyweight Champion just one night after WrestleMania 29.

It wasnt long before AJ claimed a championship of her own. After winning a No. 1 Contender's Divas Battle Royal on Raw, the calculating manipulator pretended to be Kaitlyn's 'secret admirer for weeks a mind game that culminated on Raw just six days before their title clash at WWE Payback.

AJ beat her former friend for the Divas Championship with her punishing Black Widow submission maneuver, but she didnt just take The Hybrid Diva's title she destroyed her emotionally. It was a disturbing reminder that there is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned.

Not merely satisfied with vanquishing her rival, the twisted titleholder continued playing mind games. At Money in the Bank, Kaitlyn looked as though she had AJ on the ropes, but the champion locked in the Black Widow and force her estranged friend to tap out, retaining her Divas Championship. AJ's night was soon soured, however, as she interfered in Ziggler's World Heavyweight Championship Match and attacked Alberto Del Rio, drawing a disqualification that killed Dolph's chances of grabbing the title.

After Ziggler made it clear that he was done with AJ the following night, the ferocious femme fatale retaliated by slapping Ziggler across the face and beamed when Big E Langston left him laying in the middle of the ring. Though split from The Showoff, AJ still finds herself in formidable company, including the cunning Layla and the hulking Big E Langston, who teamed with the fiery Diva against Ziggler & Kaitlyn in a Mixed Tag Team Match at SummerSlam.

Although the duo came up short in Los Angeles, one thing is clear: AJ Lee will always keep us guessing.

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Sheamus's Saturday Schedule
1:15PM - 2:00PM AJ Lee & Sheamus Panel in Room TBD
2:15PM - 3:00PM Photo Ops VIP's First then General Admission
3:15PM - 4:15PM Autographs VIP's First then General Admission

Height: 6 6
Weight: 272 pounds
From: Dublin, Ireland
Signature Moves: High Cross, Brogue Kick, Irish Curse
Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, United States Champion

Sheamus journey to the WWE began many years ago. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Sheamus grew up in the inner-city and often found himself defending his smaller friends from bullies. He excelled at Gaelic football, soccer and rugby and took to weight lifting with his father, who would bring him to amateur bodybuilding competitions. He became interested in sports entertainment at an early age, watching future WWE Superstar William Regal perform on the popular World of Sport television program and also watching the imported WWE programming.

Sheamus began competing in sports entertainment in 2005, facing the best that Ireland and the UK had to offer while also traveling to Italy and Portugal to gain a broader experience. At times he would perform two days in a row, then sleep in the airport while waiting for his flight home so he could get back to work in the IT department of a major firm in Ireland.

Sheamus set a goal to bring a true taste of Irish heritage to WWE. Rather than the stereotypical images of leprechauns, Irish history and folklore is full of tales of fierce warriors who were feared by their opponents. Sheamus sees himself as a modern incarnation of these powerful fighters. In fact, his spiked red mane is reminiscent of the Celtic warriors of old, who were believed to have used tree sap to give their hair a frightening appearance.

One of the biggest characteristics that sets Sheamus apart from other WWE Superstars is his self described Irish Tan. While most WWE Superstars are tan, Sheamus has embraced his pale Irish skin as his calling card. He is constantly wearing long sleeve shirts during the day to protect himself from the harmful rays of the sun. It took Mattel some extra time to make a Sheamus action figure, because they had to make a special shade of white in order to make his action figure authentic.

All of Sheamus hard work has led to success in WWE. Sheamus is a two time WWE Champion and the first ever Irish born WWE Champion as well as a World Heavyweight Champion.

Sheamus continues to give back to the community through various outlets within the WWE such as the Be a STAR Alliance - speaking to youngsters about the importance of reading, staying in school and avoiding the dangers of bullying.

He is one of the hardest working WWE Superstars making television and radio appearances all across the world to promote WWE live events. The Celtic Warrior has appeared on The Tonight Show, Conan and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He has also graced the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

You can catch Sheamus every week on Syfy's Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7c.
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