Age Von Raven


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Age Von Raven


AVR stands for Age Von Raven. This is not the name given to me at birth but a name that I gave to myself as gift. Not that I do not like my name but I feel no connection between my name and my imagination and dreams. I did this because I believe every time something is created real or fiction everyone perceives it differently. The hardest perception for many seems to the true image of themselves. I have attempted to perceive what I want to be as an artist with this persona and try to make a reality of who I wish to be as a human that shares this Earth with you.

The artwork show on this page hopefully shows many emotions and expresses both the oversimplification of human interaction and over exaggeration of simple thoughts. There should be a Humanistic element to everything you see. But this is just how I perceive my world with you it. When your world enters through the portal of another human's mind you may see a completely different message.

Lastly, thank you for making this large and empty existence seem smaller than a precious grain of sand in an hour glass for visitors of another place fill the empty gaps in our lives.