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By Zev Hurwich
ADAM WEST Q&A PANEL No matter what age you are you probably have seen Adam West in something. Whether it was the original Batman TV series, as Mayor West from Family Guy, or any number of guest appearances.

Today at Big Apple Comic Con, West fans sat down and talked to the famed actor. West started off the Q&A walking on stage and showed the newest poster for his Mayoral campaign. He went on to assure everyone present that he would continue serving Quahog with the level of corruption and incompetence his constituents have come to expect from him.

West spoke about his days with Batman, talking about working with his fellow actors Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, and how much fun it all was.

He spoke about how he approached the show as someone who had grown up reading Batman, and how every time he put on the costume it was like he was 12 again. “You need a sense of humor,” he said, remarking on the lighthearted nature of the show “It was all tongue and cheek.” You could tell that was the case, because West was clearly having a lot of fun with his Q&A, all the zaniness and quirkiness of his performances he carries over into the real world, and it was truly awesome.

He also spoke about his more recent work, mentioning that he had shot a guest appearance on the hit series 30 Rock, and the variety show Family Guy special. He also dropped that there are talks of turning his famous Batman: The Animated series cameo as the Grey Ghost into its own show.

Unfortunately it did eventually have to end, but anyone wanting more West, just has to go down to his signing booth here at Big Apple Comic Con.
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