Adron Buske
(Writer/Letterer/Designer - Loop & Hoodie; Good Intentions)
Adron BuskeSt. Louis-based writer Adron Buske is the co-creator of the supernatural comic adventure series “Loop & Hoodie” with artists Dan Cassity and Travis Nuckolls, as well as the fantasy adventure comic “Good Intentions” with artist Gene Kelly.

He and his wife, Wendy Buske, are the creators of Nerd for a Living, a website and marketing service dedicated to helping nerds/geeks discover fulfilling, profitable and sustainable career paths in fandom-related industries. They host an interview podcast at

Adron has been a creative professional for over 12 years, working in digital and broadcast media. He channels his skills in graphic design, web development, photography, and marketing into his company, Armadian Creative.

Find out more at Follow him on Twitter: @AdronBuske
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