Addy Miller
(Actress - The Walking Dead; Paranormal; One Last Sunset; Blood Done Sign My Name)
Addy MillerAddy Miller started acting right after her 8th birthday in January 2008. Addy's mom was encouraged to take her to an audition for a Young Dakota Fanning in "The Secret Life of Bees". To everyone's surprise, Addy landed the part! At age 10, Addy now has eleven films under her belt, as well as commercials, print work, and a TV show.

Addy recently completed work on AMC's new original series "The Walking Dead" in the pivotal opening scene that sets the tone for the entire TV series. Addy was cast as "Little Girl Zombie", in which fans of the show have raved as "Best Kill", "Shock of the Week" and "Zombie of the Week" after the pilot episode aired on Halloween night, 2010. The highlights for Addy were being personally directed by Frank Darabont, working closely with Greg Nicotero, meeting Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies, as well as performing her own stunts in the scene.

In spring of 2010, Addy finished shooting her first lead role, Mary Jane in "Death and Mary Jane", a short. Some other favorite roles have been Megan Evans in "Paranormal" and Cricket in "One Last Sunset". An interesting note: In "One Last Sunset" Addy was an extra on set and caught the attention of the cinematographer and director. By the end of the weekend, she was upgraded to a supporting role. The director created a new character for her and put her face on the movie poster.

Addy's love for acting goes further than in front of the camera. She has begun requesting crew work, and studies the technical work behind the scenes. The crews have been instructional, showing Addy how they do their work. When she is home she reviews movies on YouTube and studies how the actors react to certain situations. It is the best learning tool she has found to help her when she is in similar situations on set. Addy considers herself a darker actress and likes dramas and tough emotional scenes. Addy is a petite girl and she is often cast in younger roles.

On a personal note, Addy is home schooled and is a straight A student; her favorite subjects are spelling and science. Addy plays soccer, likes to cheer and sing karaoke with her friends. Addy also regularly entertains her two little brothers. It has taught her responsibility, teamwork, and most of all, patience. Her role models are Dakota Fanning and Heather O'Rourke.
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