Adam Talley

(Sketch Card Artist - Marvel's Beginnings II; The Avengers; DC New 52; Star Wars Galactic Files)

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Adam Talley


Adam Talley has been working in comics and illustration for close to twenty years. He is known as a sketch card artist on Marvel's Beginnings II, Avengers, DC New 52, CBLDF Liberty, Night of the Living Dead, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars Galactic Files and many others. He has self-published over seven graphic novels including his own Pleasant Life and Anna Pocalypse. In late 2012 he released an EC Horror tribute anthology called Tales of Sequential Mayhem. He has also worked on books for Antarctic Press such as Gold Digger and 'sarah Palin: Rogue Warrior. He runs many comic-related podcasts and is very active at his website: -- Follow him on Twitter: