Adam Mock
(Writer/Actor – Fallen Superheroes, Mime Very Own Book, Medallion Mondays)
Adam MockAdam Mock was made in Thailand with American parts. He was born in the U.S. on Sept 29, 1972. From a young age he discovered his love for art in all it’s wonderful forms. He loves to dissect it, analyze it, be moved by it, changed and rearranged by it, wrestle with it and be in awe of it. He believes art moves mountains, changes people and is the greatest gift of communication we’ve been given.

His artwork work has appeared in many forms over the years, including numerous brochures, bumper stickers, greeting cards, t-shirts, corporate logos, websites, coloring books, tattoos, posters, and book covers.

He is currently the President of Medallion Media Group and serves on the board of directors for Triple Threat Mentoring and Dawn Schiller’s E.S.T.E.A.M.

In Feb 2012 he co-authored “Mime Very Own Book” alongside Scott Allen Perry, starring actor Doug Jones, with photography by Eric Curtis. Adam once again paired with Scott Allen Perry to co-author Eric Curtis’ visual allegory “Fallen Superheroes” which is due out in June 2012.

He currently resides in Montgomery, IL with his wife Sara, their daughter Magpie, and son Gabriel.

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