Adam Lance Garcia
(Author - The Green Lama: Unbound; The Green Lama: Scions)
Adam Lance GarciaHailing from Brooklyn, New York, Adam Lance Garcia was raised on comic books and movie serials.His first novella Green Lama: Horror in Clay which was nominated for Best Short Story in the 2009 Pulp Factory Awards. Adamís follow up novel, Green Lama: Unbound, took away two 2010 Pulp Factory Awards: Best Novel of the Year and Best Interior Art (thanks to the artwork of his frequent collaborator, Mike Fyles).

Two of his most recent works, Lester Dentís Foster Fade: The Crime Spectacularist and The Green Lama: Scions, are to be released early in 2014, starting a year of new releases, including many more new Green Lama tales.

He is currently writing several licensed properties for a number of publishers, including Moonstone Books and Pro Se Productions, as well as working on his original graphic novel Sons of Fire with artist Heidi Black. Learn more at
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