Abdullah Kassem

(Illustrator/Concept Artist)

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Abdullah Kassem


Abdullah Kassem, was born in the cold winter of January 28th of 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 4 he moved to Israel for about four and a half years. While he hung out over there, like an explosion! The spark of creativity flourished and spread. Similar to the aftermath of the big bang, it was like a giant explosions! Soon after these series of explosions in his mind, he decided forge new worlds of strange wonders like ice Volcanoes, robot dinosaurs, dragons,monsters horrific radioactive mutant, etc. With an explosion like that, his parents were not surprised, and decided to support this so called big bang. With the powers combined His goals were simply for the enjoyment of the people. His only concern was can he put a smile or befuddled look to peoples faces. Eventually to see where he has ended up and what he has become. After a few years of doing what he does best, eventually he decided to take up illustration as a career. He then moved on to art school in the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Abdullah has taken up the title of illustrator, and aims to compete with the best. Abdullah is currently doing freelance in the world of professionals, and only hopes to learn as much as he can while climbing to the top of the pyramid.