Aaron Thomas Nelson

(Writer - Marlow; Kid Lightspeed & The Neutron Women; Joe Doogan: Zombie Hunter)

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Aaron Thomas Nelson


Nelson is best known for writing graphic novels, including Arcana Studio's Marlow (with art by Dario Carrasco, Jr and Mathew Reynolds) and Kid Lightspeed & the Neutron Women, published by Digital Webbing Presents.

Nelson has also written on pop culture, including the essay 'simulating Terror in PopSmart's critical anthology Jack Bauer for President, and the article Rise of the Geek, Slave Leia and Why You Are Very Important for Stateless Media. He has also published poetry and has edited and appeared in a number of comic book anthologies.

Nelson comes from the town of Livermore, California and attended Saint Mary's College of California and the University of Chicago where he received his Masters Degree in Social Sciences. He now resides in Shingle Springs, California.