Aaron Kuder

(Artist - Batman; Batman Incorporated; Green Lantern: New Guardians; Amory Wars; Legion Lost; Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers)

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Aaron Kuder


Aaron spent his childhood on earth playing on the ground like most kids. But finding this rather boring, he made his home in outer-space, where he became an officer of Ten Ton Studios. Currently he lives in a structure made of broken satellites and empty tang packets. Finding that there are far too few art schools is the stratosphere, Aaron taught himself to draw. Aaron cut his teeth in the comic book biz working on the New York Times best selling book The Amory Wars and Key of Z. Both with the intergalactic rock star Claudio Sanchez. In 2012, Aaron's work dawned the pages of Legion Lost, Avenging Spiderman, Avengers vs The Marvel U, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Batman INC, and Batman.