Aaron Goodwin

(Co-Investigator - Ghost Adventures)

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Aaron Goodwin


Aaron Goodwin (born April 1, 1976) is camera operator, and co-investigator of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Originally from Portland, Oregon, as of 2012 he resides in Las Vegas.

Before joining Bagans and Groff, Goodwin had worked as a camera operator/production jobs for many projects in film and TV and several behind-the-scenes film premieres in Las Vegas, Goodwin says that prior to his experiences in the documentary of ghost adventures in Virginia City, Nevada. he never really thought twice about ghosts. Goodwin is often left alone in the alleged worst spots on haunted earth during lockdowns to act as bait for the spirits. But after hunting the dead for so many years every other week, it has all changed for him. His life and views now are very different from the way he once was. Learning all the time he continues to learn more from the knowledge of the dead.

Now Goodwin lives a different way of normal life after over 100 episodes of Ghost Adventures, it's a way of life.

Aaron Goodwin sells a line of clothing called BigSteppin which represents motivation and taking bigger steps to your goals. Plus a line of art, skeleton key tees, is active in charitys, and most of all his photography. Busy busy busy and always looking for more.

To see it all go to www.aarongoodwin.com