Artist _8_O_8_ studied Fine Arts at the University of Florida. Since 2005, he has focused on combining/creating art through an international networked performance space, a tool he developed to create in and inform the art making process. This custom web application combines multi-screen real-time live webcams and video feeds, audio and texting and countless other media that collide and intermix in an experimental environment, projected in galleries, via artistís studios and communities. The creation of this virtual direction is defined as a temporary communication space created between artists and facilitated through the use of emergent technology. Many events/sessions have been produced over the years reaching over 50 countries and hundreds of artists in an exchange that continues to this day. His work associates the creative psychological perceptions/manifestations of interactions and reactions.

Here is a snapshot of prints in my collection that were recently exhibited in Saint Louis and a link to an image of my print boxes hanging in the gallery.

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